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Allium 'Big Impact Mix'

Ornamental Onion

Hardy Bulb

Add imposing height to your garden borders with our brilliant Allium 'Big Impact Mix'. Easy to grow, this selection will deliver a fantastic mix of sphere shaped allium flowers in an amazing array of colours. Cut some for a vase indoors or leave them where they stand to enjoy their attractive, architectural seed heads later in the season. Height: 90cm (35"). Spread: 15cm (6"). Bulb size: 18/20cm.

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How to plant bulbs, corms and tubers

Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. Click here for more details about edible flowers.

Ideal For:
cut flower garden, low maintenance garden, wildlife gardens, cottage gardens
Flowering Period:
May, June
full sun
    • 8 allium bulbs

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    • 16 allium bulbs

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    • 32 allium bulbs

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Caution: irritant to skin and eyes, harmful if eaten. Allium bulbs should be planted in autumn, with the pointed end facing upwards, at a depth of approximately 3 times their height. Choose a sunny position in free draining soil.
Alliums thrive in dry sunny conditions so feeding and watering should not be necessary except on the driest of soils. Alliums will not repeat flower in the same year. Their faded spherical flower heads can be removed after flowering if necessary; however they will make a wonderful architectural display in the autumn if left intact.
We will do our best to ship your plants or bulbs to you at the ideal time for planting as stated against each product. We recommend that you prepare your soil, planting beds or patio containers ahead of time so you are ready to plant out, or pot on, just as soon as your order arrives. You will find the name of the variety printed on the top line of the address label on your package. Please ensure that you open the packaging immediately and carefully read through the instruction leaflet provided. For greatest success, please pot on or plant out as soon as possible, following the cultural instructions enclosed with your order.
  1. Amazing Alliums

    By Lindsay Padbury 10-08-2015

    The Purple alliums gave a super display and really brightened up the garden. The spherical shape was great and the height made them rise above the other flowers in the bed. The white ones came later and were smaller blooms yet taller stalks. They had more of a 120deg bloom but were still a positive addition to the garden. I fed them after they bloomed and am hoping that they have stored enough energy to produce a bigger show next year! I look forward to seeing them again next year.

    Our Reply

    " Thank you very much for taking the time to post your review. I am glad you have been happy with your order. I hope we can continue to be of service to you in the future. "

    Natalie - Van Meuwen
    Customer Care Team

  2. Fantastic purples

    By Sherry Secker 16-06-2015

    The purples I found to be absolutely amazing! Everyone commented how beautiful they were. The whites were disappointing. For starters, they don't bloom at the same time as the purple flowers, also, they are not completely round as the picture suggests - more like 180 deg rather than a 360 bloom. I would buy them again, but plant the whites away from the purples so create another focal point in the garden when the purple ones are fading.

    Our Reply

    " Thank you for taking the time to post your kind comments. I hope we can continue to be of service to you in the future. "

    Ryan - Van Meuwen
    Customer Care Team

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