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Foxtail Lily 'Sunbeam'

Eremurus stenophyllus, Desert Candle

Hardy Perennial

The impressive stems of the Foxtail Lily tower with stately grandeur in spires of golden yellow starry flowers. An imposing focal point for the back of sunny borders! Partner it with lower growing perennials and grasses to hide the short lived, grey green foliage which dies back as the flowers begin to bloom. This long lived hardy perennial also makes a sensational cut flower! Height: 120cm (48"). Size one bareroot plants supplied.

Ideal For:
cut flower garden
Flowering Period:
June, July
full sun
    • 3 bare root foxtail lily plants

    • Despatch: by end of September 2017
    • £9.99
    • 6 bare root foxtail lily plants

    • SAVE* £5  
    • Despatch: by end of September 2017
    • £14.98

On delivery of your bareroot herbaceous perennials please plant them at the earliest opportunity. Should soil conditions prevent planting directly into borders (if soil is frozen or waterlogged), Foxtail lily plants should be potted up, watered sparingly and grown on in a cool position.

Choose a sheltered position in full sun with well drained soil. If planting on heavy or clay soils, dig in some coarse grit to improve drainage prior to planting. Dig a hole wide enough to accommodate the bareroot with its roots spread out and deep enough that the crown of the plant is just a few cm below soil level. Backfill the hole with soil and firm the plant in gently. Leave a slight depression around the plant ? this will help to direct water towards the roots. Water well to settle the soil.

Try to prevent the base of the plant from becoming shaded as this will reduce the number of flower spikes that are produced. In autumn, remove old foliage and apply a mulch of well rotted manure to the base of Eremurus plants, avoiding the crown.
We will do our best to ship your plants or bulbs to you at the ideal time for planting as stated against each product. We recommend that you prepare your soil, planting beds or patio containers ahead of time so you are ready to plant out, or pot on, just as soon as your order arrives. You will find the name of the variety printed on the top line of the address label on your package. Please ensure that you open the packaging immediately and carefully read through the instruction leaflet provided. For greatest success, please pot on or plant out as soon as possible, following the cultural instructions enclosed with your order.
  1. Shrivelled Up - Very Disappointed

    By Lynda Holloway 16-03-2017

    Opened plants as soon as they arrived to find the roots on 2 of the plants to be shrivelled, dry and broken in half because they had been bent for packaging. The 3rd one didn't have any roots at all. These plants have been out of soil and in a hot dry environment for a long while to be in this state. I also bought 3 of a different colour and they were in the same state. Not worth the price they cost. Very disappointed.

    Our Reply

    " Thank you for your review. I am sorry to learn of your disappointment with your purchase. If you would like to contact our Customer Care Department at, one of our agents will be more than happy to look in to this further for you. "

    Natalie - Van Meuwen
    Customer Care Team

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