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Gage 'Cambridge'

Prunus domestica | Greengage 'Cambridge Gage'

Hardy Tree

What is Hardy Tree?

Heavy crops of juicy; honey-flavoured fruit

A self-fertile; reliable variety of classic English gage

Superb for both eating fresh or jam-making

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One of the most popular greengage varieties, 'Cambridge Gage' is a classic English gage producing heavy crops of juicy, honey-flavoured fruits. The small yellow-green fruit are of excellent quality and are superb both eaten fresh or made into jam. Very reminiscent of a heritage gage whilst being self-fertile and a more reliable cropper, gage 'Cambridge' holds an RHS Award of Garden Merit. It forms a compact tree that shouldn’t need any pruning.

  • Pollination Group: D - Self-fertile (though maximum yield is achieved when planted with a pollinator such as 'Victoria', 'Czar' or 'Majorie's Seedling')
  • Rootstock: St Julien A (semi-vigorous) reaching an ultimate height of 4-5m
  • Use: Dessert or culinary
  • Cropping period: Mid-season (late August)
  • Flowering period: May
Flowering Months Harvest Months

1 x 12 litre potted plant (St Julien A Rootstock) (KB2550)

Plant plum trees in any well drained soil in a sheltered, sunny position. Prior to planting, incorporate plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost into the planting hole and drive the stake into the ground to support the tree. Staking after planting may result in damage to the root ball. Plant fruit trees at their original soil level and firm them into the ground. Fasten the tree to the stake using a tree tie, and water well.

Fruit trees do not suffer weed competition well. Keep weeds and grass clear from within a 30cm radius of base of the tree. In spring, while the ground is moist, apply a mulch of well rotted manure or garden compost around the base of the tree, taking care not to mound it up against the stem. This will help to retain moisture throughout the summer. Feed and water plum trees during particularly dry periods.

Care should be taken when pruning plum trees to avoid winter pruning as this leaves plums prone to silver leaf disease. In the first spring after planting, select 3 or 4 well spaced branches on a clear trunk of at least 75cm (29"), and shorten them by two thirds. Remove the central stem to just above the highest of the selected branches. Remove any laterals below the selected branches.

In the following spring, select 2 or 3 sub laterals on each branch and shorten these by half to create a balanced, open framework. Remove any weak or badly placed shoots completely. In future years, plums will require pruning in late spring to remove damaged, badly placed or diseased wood. Thin heavy crops when the fruits reach the size of hazelnuts to prevent the branches from snapping under their weight. Allow one fruit every 7-10cm (3-4") along each stem.

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