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Lobelia 'Ultra Cascade'

Half-hardy Annual

A sparkling array of dainty flowers in shades of indigo, pale blue, white, purple and lilac. Lobelia 'Ultra Cascade' looks stunning tumbling over the sides of patio containers, hanging baskets, window boxes and pouches® where it creates a froth of colour which lasts all summer long. Versatile and easy to grow this pretty plant looks great mixed in with other summer annuals. Trails to: 45cm (18"). Supplied as plug tray plants.

Ideal For:
groundcover, patio
Flowering Period:
June, July, August, September
full sun
    • 24 lobelia plug tray plants

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    • 48 lobelia plug tray plants

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    • 72 lobelia plug tray plants

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Pot up lobelia plugs into 9cm pots and grow on for transplanting into final containers or baskets later on. Alternatively, plant plugs directly into flower pouches. Grow on in warm frost free conditions until plants are large enough to be transplanted into their final containers and bedding displays. Caution: irritant to skin and eyes.
When all risk of frost has passed, gradually acclimatise Lobelia plants to outdoor conditions over a period of 7 to 10 days. Choose a sunny or semi shaded site for their final position. Feed and water plants regularly, particularly during hot, dry periods.
We will do our best to ship your plants or bulbs to you at the ideal time for planting as stated against each product. We recommend that you prepare your soil, planting beds or patio containers ahead of time so you are ready to plant out, or pot on, just as soon as your order arrives. You will find the name of the variety printed on the top line of the address label on your package. Please ensure that you open the packaging immediately and carefully read through the instruction leaflet provided. For greatest success, please pot on or plant out as soon as possible, following the cultural instructions enclosed with your order.
  1. Tiny Tiny Plug plants

    By Richard Lamude 01-06-2017

    Last year i bought "garden ready" plug plants - They where great! . I had not realised that "plug plants" came in various sizes - these are tiny - less than a cubic centimetre - most with 1 leaf/stem/root . About 1/5 survived . I will not be buying these again. Question Am i to assume that unless it says "Garden Ready" that plug plant means these tiny examples? does that include things like clematis?

    Our Reply

    " Thank you for your review. I am sorry to learn of your disappointment with your purchase. At your earliest convenience please contact our Customer Care Department at, one of our agents will be more than happy to look in to this further for you. "

    Jo- Van Meuwen
    Customer Care Team

  2. Doing well

    By Jenny Carton 07-05-2014

    My first set of plugs were very disappointing, but the replacements have fared very well and are now doing really well and are almost ready for planting into my baskets and window boxes

    Our Reply

    " Thank you for your review. I am glad that your replacements arrived in a good condition and hope we can continue to be of good service. "

    Sam - Van Meuwen
    Customer Care Team

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