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Blueberry 'Bluecrop'

Vaccinium corymbosum, Highbush Blueberry

Hardy Shrub

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This excellent mid season variety, produces rich flavoured fruit in abundance in August. Fully hardy, this compact shrub provides interest all year round with elegant white flowers in spring, and colourful foliage set against red stems in the winter. Blueberry 'Bluecrop' is perfect for a smaller garden or a large pot on the patio. This blueberry is self fertile, but for bigger crops we recommend growing blueberry 'Bluecrop' alongside a different variety, to aid cross pollination. Height: 120cm (4'). Spread: 90cm (3') Supplied as 25cm (10") plant in a 9cm pot.

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How to grow blueberries

Ideal For:
kitchen garden, patio
Flowering Period:
April, May
sun or semi shade
    • 3 blueberry plants

    • Despatch: by end of September 2017
    • £9.99
    • 6 blueberry plants in 9cm pots

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    • Despatch: by end of September 2017
    • £14.98
Blueberries grow best in an acid soil. If you don't have acid soil, simply plant them in patio containers in ericaceous compost. When growing Blueberries in patio containers, use a mix of ericaceous compost and a soil based compost such as John Innes No. 3. Repot the plant at its original soil level and firm well into the new container. Water well and position in sun or semi shade. Alternatively, if you are gardening on acid soil, grow Blueberry plants directly in borders in a sheltered, position in moist, well drained soil.
Feed and water regularly throughout the growing season. Where possible, use rainwater as the lime contained in tap water will reduce the acidity in the soil over time. After the first 2 or 3 years, begin to prune out the oldest stems each autumn in order to encourage healthy new growth the following year. Remember to cover fruits with netting in summer to protect your crop from hungry birds!
We will do our best to ship your plants or bulbs to you at the ideal time for planting as stated against each product. We recommend that you prepare your soil, planting beds or patio containers ahead of time so you are ready to plant out, or pot on, just as soon as your order arrives. You will find the name of the variety printed on the top line of the address label on your package. Please ensure that you open the packaging immediately and carefully read through the instruction leaflet provided. For greatest success, please pot on or plant out as soon as possible, following the cultural instructions enclosed with your order.
  1. Non delivery of plants at specific date

    By Darren Farbiszewski 14-05-2014

    I ordered these items back in early Feb to be given a date of End of Feb. By the 2nd week in March they still hadn't arrived so when I called to enquire I was told 'oh sorry you will now have to wait until the end of May'. No courtesy call or any explanation unless I called. Absolute amateur behaviour.

    Our Reply

    " Thank you for your review. I am sorry to learn of your disappointment with your order. We have also recently received an unexpected increased volume of queries into our customer care department and this has unfortunately caused a delay in responding to your email. I appreciate this is frustrating and I hope that you will accept our apologies for this. Please rest assured as long as your email was sent to it will be answered shortly. If it was not, please may I ask you to send the email again. "

    Natalie - Van Meuwen
    Customer Care Team

  2. Blueberry Bluecrop

    By Norman Coup 16-07-2011

    I ordered 2+1 of this type of Blueberry. I was constructing a fruit cage on my allotment and wanted to establish a few plants to accomodate my love of this fruit. Unfortunately the plants arrived before I had the fruit cage ready. I therefore decided to replant in a larger plant pot to keep them going for a couple of weeks. until the cage was ready Because of restricted height I decide to bury 3ft deep containers in the existing beds. I then placed a layer of about 3 inches of polystyrene chippings to assist drainage. Then I topped up with Ericaceous compost before re-planting the berry plants. Finally watering well with rainwater I had collected in barrels I have on site. I can report that the plants are all flourishing and I look forward to eventually having a great crop of my favourite fruit. Well done Van Meuwen for supplying healthy well looked after plants.

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