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Watering & Irrigation

Watering plants can be a chore in the hot summer months - try using these ingenious products to save time! The Water Wizard provides effective watering right down to the roots of your plants where it’s needed most – a great value way to water plants on the patio. SwellGel is an essential ingredient for summer hanging baskets and containers, each granule storing up to 400 times its own weight in water, preventing baskets from drying out so readily.

Watering and irrigation

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Tomato Watering Collars

Watering tomato plants in growbags can prove tricky, with water spilling over the edges instead of reaching the roots where it is needed. Now you can water easily with these handy growbag watering collars.

Simply place the collars around the young tomato plants when you plant them into the growbag and they will prevent water from running off throughout the growing season. A great way to ensure that your plants are well watered; saving you time and money too!

More info
    • 3 tomato collars

    • Despatch: by end of July 2017
    • £9.99
    • 6 tomato collars

    • Despatch: by end of July 2017
    • SAVE £5  
    • £14.99
    • 6 tomato collars + £5 voucher

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • SAVE* £5  
    • £14.98


These water-storing granules produce a saturated gel which retains moisture to prevent hanging baskets and containers from drying out so readily. Each granule can hold up to 400 times its own weight in water! Reduces your time spent watering and improves growing conditions for your plants. More info
    • 1 x 1kg pack

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £19.99
    • Out of stock
    • 2 x 1kg packs

    • Despatch:
    • SAVE* £10  
    • £29.98
    • Out of stock

Irrigation Kit

Irrigation Kit

A comprehensive micro-irrigation kit, ideal for your garden or patio - enabling you to water up to 20 pots or baskets automatically. Comes complete with drippers, a pressure regulator, tubing and timer. All fittings are included.

Full contents:
• Electronic Tap Timer
• 23 metres of tubing
• 20 drippers
• 1 tap adaptor
• 1 control valve
• 1 filter washer
• 2 straight connectors
• 15 tee connectors
• 5 end clamps
• 15 support stakes
• 10 pipe clips
• Full instructions
More info
    • 1 Irrigation Kit

    • Despatch: within 24 hours
    • £34.99

Water Wizard™

Watering patio plants couldn't be simpler! Just fill an empty plastic bottle (not supplied) with water, attach the Water Wizard™ and insert upside down for easy and effective watering right down to the roots. Ideal for watering Flower Pouches™ and can also be used to water hanging baskets and patio containers too. More info
    • 3 Water Wizards

    • Despatch: within 24 hours
    • £6.99
    • 6 Water Wizards

    • Despatch: within 24 hours
    • SAVE* £4  
    • £9.98