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Holly 'Golden King' (Standard Tree)

Ilex x altaclerensis

Hardy Shrub

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Contrary to its name, Golden King is an outstanding female Holly. A fantastic specimen for year round interest, this handsome shrub bears white flowers in spring and spherical red berries in winter, which are loved by birds. Its toothed evergreen foliage makes a striking impression with glossy green leaves that are edged with a golden yellow. Supplied as pot grown plant, with a 50cm (20") stem and a trained head of foliage. Mature height: 150cm (59"). Mature spread: 60cm (24").

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How to plant trees and shrubs

Ideal For:
patio, specimen plant, wildlife gardens
Flowering Period:
May, June
sun or semi shade
    • 1 holly tree in 3 litre pot

    • Despatch: By end of April 2014
    • £29.99
    • 2 Holly trees

    • Save £20  
    • Despatch: By end of April 2014
    • £39.98
Caution: Holly berries are harmful if eaten. When growing Holly in patio containers, use a soil based compost such as John Innes No. 3. Repot at its original soil level and firm well into the new container. Water well and position in full sun or semi shade. Alternatively, plant Holly standards directly into borders in any moist, free draining soil.
Feed and water container-grown plants regularly. As plants increase in size they will require repotting into increasingly larger pots. Prune Holly standards to shape while the plants are young. Prune in summer, removing any damaged stems and trimming the head of the standard to a spherical shape. In autumn, apply a mulch of well rotted manure or garden compost to the base of border grown plants. Avoid mounding mulch up around the stem as this may cause it to rot.
We will do our best to ship your plants or bulbs to you at the ideal time for planting as stated against each product. We recommend that you prepare your soil, planting beds or patio containers ahead of time so you are ready to plant out, or pot on, just as soon as your order arrives. You will find the name of the variety printed on the top line of the address label on your package. Please ensure that you open the packaging immediately and carefully read through the instruction leaflet provided. For greatest success, please pot on or plant out as soon as possible, following the cultural instructions enclosed with your order.
  1. Extremely sparce

    By Dee Harris 22-09-2014

    Purchased two of these trees. Not as shown or as described, but the Van Meuwen team assure me they will reach that point in 2-3 years time. If you can wait that long for something you purchase to look like what you are purchasing then buy these! That aside colour is beautiful, leaves are healthy.

    Our Reply

    " Thank you for your review. Please contact our customer care department on with full details and one of our agents will be more than happy to assist you with this matter. "

    Natalie - Van Meuwen
    Customer Care Team

  2. fantastic buy

    By denis elvin 07-08-2014

    Just received two of these trees today. Outstanding good looking trees delivered in good order. Such is so, I have already placed another order with you, and hope to do a lot more purchasing with you. Many thanks.

    Our Reply

    " Thank you for your review. I hope we can continue to be of good service. "

    Natalie - Van Meuwen
    Customer Care Team

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