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Easy Gardening with Van Meuwen - Fruit Plants for the Patio

Easy Gardening Fruit Plants for the Patio

Growing your own fruit is very satisfying - and you don't need a big garden to do it! All of the plants in this range can be grown in containers on the patio as well as in the ground, so you can grow your own fruit in the smallest of spaces.



Blueberries are expensive to buy, but it's so easy to grow your own! They also make superb patio specimens, bearing white flowers in spring, followed by blue-grey fruits in summer and fiery red foliage in autumn. Just follow the guidance on the right soil and compost and you'll have your own delicious crops of this healthy food.See all of our blueberries



There's nothing quite like the flavour of a ripe home-grown strawberry - they're the perfect summer fruit and it's so easy to save money by growing your own. If garden space is limited you can grow strawberries in patio containers, window boxes or even hanging baskets!See all of our strawberries

Dwarf Apple and Pear Trees

Apple and pears

Yes, you can even grow fruit tres on the patio! These dwarf fruit trees have been specially developed so that their size is restricted - but they still produce lots of normal-sized fruit. Apples and pears are the easiest to grow and are ideal for growing in patio containers. With pretty spring blossom and a neat growing habit these patio fruit trees make a superb feature plant in the garden.See our dwarf apple and dwarf pear trees