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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

If you have purchased any of our products, why not share your experiences with other Van Meuwen
customers by writing a review? See below to find out how:

How to write a review on Van Meuwen products

  1. Login to your account. If you do not already have one you can create an account here.
  2. Find the product you wish to review by using the search facility or the product lists.
  3. Select the Review Tab on the product page as shown.
  4. Write a title for your review
  5. Give a rating of 1 to 5:
    • 1 = very poor;
    • 2 = poor;
    • 3 = average;
    • 4 = good;
    • 5 = very good
  6. Write your review in the comments box
  7. When you have completed your review click on the submit button.
Product Review Tab

All reviews must be approved by our administrator. Once approved, your review will appear in the review tab on the product page for everyone to see. Please note that this is for product reviews only - customer service issues should be addressed to our customer services team directly as they will not necessarily see these reviews.

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*Please note that by submitting a review you agree to Van Meuwen owning the rights to publish your review in any marketing/promotional material if desired.