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Product Reviews

April 2017

Bumper Bulb Bonanza Collection


Carolyn Nevshehir-Owen - Norfolk

Our lovely old garden had been neglected for the best part of a century, so once we have stripped back, felled the dead wood, cleared out and cleaned up, there were lots of places which needed some interest. I planted this selection in a bare east facing raised bed a couple of days before Christmas 2016. We walk past them every day and the brillint flowers are a joy every day. Never seen such beautiful, full muscari flowers. Very happy indeed.

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March 2017

Strawberry 'Mount Everest'

"...looking forward to tasting my rewards in the summer"

Keith Fallon - Norwich

Really pleased with the size of these plants, done really well since potted up. Arrived in good time as per advised dates and in good condition, looking forward to tasting my rewards in the summer.

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February 2017


"...after years of variable quality composts I now use only this one"

Rosemary Smith - Plymouth

Over the past two years I have used Incredicompost. It is everything you say. I planted my first broad beans this year and 10 days on they are all up together and bursting with vigour. After years of variable quality composts I now use only this one. My family buy me bags for birthdays and Christmas. I use it for pots, hanging baskets, seed trays . I can get super plants so in the long run it saves me both money and disappointment. It is also very pleasant to handle. thank you VM

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