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Smart Solar Oxygenator

Give your pond life the best chance in warmer weather by using the oxygenator from Smart Solar. Providing oxygen to your pond is an avid part of being a water gardener, and keeping a healthy pond is a great way to add function as well as scenic beauty to your garden. More Info


Blue Louvre Shuttered Mirror

Add some elegance and charm to your garden or home with this rustic blue Louvre shuttered mirror. Its traditional wooden design, painted with a blue, weathered-effect finish, will create a focal point in any garden and it’s perfect for use inside too. More Info


Scarecrow Double Pack

Deter birds and pests from your garden with our twin pack of scarecrows. A fun addition to your garden, these charming scarecrows Florence and Fred will help protect seedlings, plants and flowers without the use of harmful chemicals or ultrasonic devices. More Info


Expandable Artificial Evergreen Hedge Trellis

Add colour to your garden with this artificial hedge trellis. Great for hiding unsightly walls and fences, this hedge trellis will add life to your garden or courtyard without the hassle and maintenance of natural plants. More Info

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