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3 Pack Garden Work Gloves

Keep your hands protected from thorns, dirt and abrasions with these premium garden work gloves from Garden Gear. The textured latex coated palm means you can have superb grip in both wet and dry conditions whilst also protecting your hands from tears, scratches and minor cuts. More Info


Tomato Growing Bag

This durable pre-cut growing bag can be used year after year, outside or in the greenhouse. Add the compost of your choice and plant up your tomato plants - as simple as that! At the end of the season just wash and fold away for winter storage. Ideal with our Tomato Auto-waterers. More Info
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Hanging Basket Essentials Kit

Take the easy route to a great garden display this summer. We’ve brought together all the items you need to create your own fabulous hanging baskets - so you only need to choose your favourite Garden Ready plants from our extensive range! More Info
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Garden Gear Memory Foam Kneeler

This memory foam kneeler from Garden Gear is perfect for anyone who wants to remove the pain and strain from gardening. It will help to make weeding, tidying up and tending to your flowerbeds easy and comfortable. More Info


Hand Bulb Planter

Take the strain out of planting with this handy bulb planting tool. There's no need to spend hours with a trowel this autumn. Simply plunge the tool into the soil to remove the earth, leaving a hole that is just the right size for your bulbs. Drop the soil back into the hole to cover the bulb - it really is that simple! This sturdy tool is of quality construction and topped with a comfy ergonomic handle. More Info
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Incredicoir is made from compressed coir, a by-product of the coconut industry, which makes the equivalent of a 10 litre bag of compost when mixed with water. The compact blocks are lightweight, space-saving and and easy to stack until you are ready to use them. More Info
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