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The Official Van Meuwen Facebook Page

Official Van Meuwen Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is packed with topical tips and advice as well as latest news and offers - including some promotions exclusive to those following our page. We welcome contributions from our customers and those interested in Van Meuwen so if you want to share a photo of your garden or favourite plant please upload it.

If you are already a Facebook user, you can either follow the link below to access our Facebook page, or when you are logged into Facebook, search for the Van Meuwen page. The Official Van Meuwen Facebook Page

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29.08.14 facebook-sessions-heuchera-plant What is the rust coloured fungus growing on the compost of my potted Camellia? How do I know which Heuchera are shade loving or not? Why didn't my Trachelospermum jasminoides flower much this year?
15.08.14 facebook-sessions-wallflower Can hardy perennial wallflowers be cut back? When is the best time to lift and replant my tree lily bulbs? Why are my roses spindly and the buds drooping?
01.08.14 facebook-sessions-blueberry Why have our box plants turned an orangey colour? What can I grow in a shady border at the base of a privet hedge? Why are my blueberry bushes looking unhealthy?
18.07.14 facebook-sessions-chilli I accidentally watered my fruit and veg with weed killer, will they still be edible? How do I get rid of Houttuynia from my borders? Why does my chilli pepper 'Cheyenne' have no heat?
04.07.14 facebook-sessions-echeveria Can you use vinegar to make soil more acid? How do I propagate Medinilla magnifica? Any idea why my golden Philadelphus didn't flower this year?
20.06.14 facebook-sessions-bamboo Why didn't my magnolia flower this year? Last year it was full of blooms. I have ivy growing through my bamboo - if I cut the bamboo canes down will they grow back? How do I grow a fig tree in a container?
06.06.14 facebook-sessions-allium What is causing browning leaves on my patio apple and pear trees? Are these tiny bulbs growing in my Allium flower? Do I need to worry about dark blotches on my otherwise seemingly healthy clematis?
23.05.14 facebook-sessions-lily-disease A few of my lilies have a virus or spore on their leaves - what causes it and how do I cure it? My 10 year old oak is covered in these. I think they're called galls. What is the grub inside? Can Carly give me any tips to help me get my Wisteria to flower?

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