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Wild Birdfood

Our new and comprehensive range of wild bird food includes all the popular feeds such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, niger seed and meal worms. We also have a selection of innovative bird food mixes that blend the most popular feeds to encourage an even wider variety of birds. What's more, we offer the UK's cheapest prices and all orders are sent by 24 hour courier at no extra charge.

Best Sellers

All Season All Year Mix

514 Reviews
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3 Options From£6.95

All Seasons Bundle

12 Reviews
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2 Options From£68.95

Bird Feeder Sanitiser

2 Reviews
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Bird Feeding Station with 4 Bird Feeders

50 Reviews
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Black Sunflower Seeds

97 Reviews
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3 Options From£8.95

Dried Mealworms 5KG

0 Reviews
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Garden Life Hedgehog House

46 Reviews
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Garden Life Wooden Insect Hotel

8 Reviews
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