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Selfset All-Weather Block Bait - 3kg

Selfset have produced this all-weather block bait which can offer you an effective, specially designed way to exterminate rodents. There are a variety of chemicals and poisons contained within the block to efficiently rid you of unwelcome rats and mice. More Info


The Big Cheese Quick Click Mouse Traps

These quick click mouse traps from The Big Cheese are a quick and efficient way to rid yourself of problem rats and mice. To increase your chances of successfully exterminating rodents, set the traps in several different areas. More Info


The Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap

Humanely remove any rats from your home or outside area by catching them in the rat cage trap from The Big Cheese More Info


The Big Cheese All Weather Rodent Bait - 30 Blocks

The Big Cheese supplies this all-weather rodent bait which contains an assortment of poisons and chemicals that work together to effectively rid your home and outbuildings of rats and mice. It has been designed specifically to provide you with an effective way to exterminate unwanted rodents. More Info


The Big Cheese Block Bait Killer Station Refills - 15x20g blocks

The Big Cheese block bait killer station refills has been specially designed to offer users an effective means of killing rats and mice More Info


The Big Cheese Ultra Power Rat Traps

Using both The Big Cheese power rat traps at the same time means you have double the chance of catching the unwelcome pest in one attempt. A quick and easy “one touch” set up also ensures that the trap can be primed safely. More Info