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In-depth growing guides

Gardening shouldn't be difficult but sometimes you need a little more advice to get the very best from your plants. Our in-depth growing guides provide detailed growing information to help you get the very best from your flower, fruit and vegetable plants.

If you can't find what you are looking for, then try our inspirational garden ideas for easy hints and planting suggestions to help create your ideal garden.

There's plenty here to learn - so dive in, read on and find out more about the garden you want to grow.

how to grow strawberries

How to plant trees and shrubs

Our step by step guide shows you how to give your trees or shrubs the best growing conditions possible. Read more

how to grow bulbs corms and tubers

How to plant bulbs, corms & tubers

Follow our bulb planting guide to learn how to make a colourful display in your garden and patio containers. Read more

how to grow clematis

How to grow clematis

Happy in the garden border or in a container on the patio, clematis are easy to grow if you follow a few simple steps. Read more

daffodils top ten tips

Tips for growing daffodils

Daffodils are a quintessential spring flower, a sign that longer days and warmer weather are on their way! Read our top ten growing tips here. Read more

how to grow dahlias

How to grow dahlias

Dahlia plants are easy to grow, giving you late summer colour when many other plants are past their best. Read more

how to use fertilisers

How to use fertilisers

Fertilisers are essential for successful plant growth - find out which one to choose for your plants using our easy guide. Read more

how to grow fruit on your patio

How to grow fruit on your patio

Whatever the size of your garden it's very easy to grow your own fruit trees and plants, even on your patio or balcony. Read more

how to grow garlic

How to grow garlic

Home grown garlic is a real treat for adding to your favourite dishes. Take a look at our handy guide on garlic growing. Read more

how to grow hydrangeas

How to grow hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are easy shrubs for the garden, providing a mass of summer colour. Find out how to care for hydrangeas, including pruning. Read more

how to prune lavender

How to prune lavender

Find out how to prune lavender to help maintain a neat, compact shape and prolong your plant's life. Read more

how to grow lilies

How to grow lilies

Lilies add an exotic touch to your garden, often combined with a powerful sweet fragrance. Perfect for borders or containers! Read more

How to grow orchids

How to grow orchids

Orchids are popular for their exquisite flowers, which often last for months indoors. Find out how to grow orchids in your own home. Read more

How to grow orchids

How to plant and grow perennials

Perennials will stay in your garden for a long time so it is important to prepare the site and plant them properly. Read more

how to grow plug plants

How to grow plug plants

Follow our guide to learn how to grow on your plug plants to give them the best possible start. Read more

How to pinch out plants

How to pinch out plants

Pinch out the stem tips of your young bedding plants to encourage bushier growth and more flowers for you to enjoy. Read more

How to plant and grow potatoes

How to plant and grow potatoes

You can't beat home-grown potatoes! We tell you all you need to know to produce your own delicious crops. Read more

how to grow roses

How to plant and grow roses

Growing roses is easier than you might think - learn how to deal with the different types available. Read more

How to prune roses

How to prune roses

Follow these simple steps and your rose plants will give you beautiful blooms for years to come. Read more

How to grow raspberries

How to grow raspberries

Our easy to follow guide on how to grow raspberries will help you get the best crop of these tasty summer fruits. Read more

how to grow strawberries

How to grow strawberries

From the largest allotment to the smallest balcony, strawberries can be grown almost anywhere! Read more

top ten winter bedding plants

Top ten winter bedding plants

Want to brighten up your winter garden beds & borders? Get inspired with Van Meuwen's top ten list of winter bedding plants. Read more

top ten climbing plants

Top ten climbing plants

Give walls, fences and trellises more interest by planting climbers to add colour and life to your structures. Read more