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Pest XT Battery Powered Cat Repeller

Whether you’re a dog or cat person, you probably don’t want cat droppings on your lawn, amongst your flowers or hidden away in a bush somewhere. With this battery powered cat repeller, you can keep your garden in tip top condition, while at the same deterring cats in a safe, cost effective way. More Info

2 Options From £12.99

Scarecrow Double Pack

Deter birds and pests from your garden with our twin pack of scarecrows. A fun addition to your garden, these charming scarecrows Florence and Fred will help protect seedlings, plants and flowers without the use of harmful chemicals or ultrasonic devices. More Info


Pest XT Advanced Cat Scarer

Specifically designed to send out ultrasonic frequencies that will help deter cats from unwanted areas of your garden. Whether it be for your recently planted seeds, or a flower bed you’d prefer not be littered with cat droppings, this cat repeller is just thing. More Info



The Pest XT jet spray cat repeller is designed to safely and effectively deter cats from doing any damage to your garden by automatically giving them a short spray of water when they enter the desired pre-set area. More Info

2 Options From £13.99

The Big Cheese Quick Click Mouse Traps

These quick click mouse traps from The Big Cheese are a quick and efficient way to rid yourself of problem rats and mice. To increase your chances of successfully exterminating rodents, set the traps in several different areas. More Info


Defenders Prickle Strip Garden Fence Toppers - 6 Pack

Say goodbye to intruders and protect your garden from unwanted animals with these prickle strip fence toppers from Defenders More Info


Pest XT Advanced Cat Scarer - Twin Pack

Specifically designed to send out ultrasonic frequencies that will help deter cats from unwanted areas of your garden. Whether it be for your recently planted seeds, or a flower bed you’d prefer not be littered with cat droppings, this cat repeller twin pack is just the thing. More Info


The Buzz Spider Repellent

This spider repellent from The Buzz is perfect for anyone who doesn’t wish to share their home with eight-legged creatures. It is ready to use and very effective. More Info


Zero In Flea Killer Refill Pack - 3 Sticky Discs and 2 Spare Lamps

The Buzz Fly Catcher Bait Refill is for the innovative Zero In Flea Killer, that mimics the warmth of an animal to attract fleas to it. More Info


The Big Cheese Block Bait Killer Station Refills - 15x20g blocks

The Big Cheese block bait killer station refills has been specially designed to offer users an effective means of killing rats and mice More Info


The Big Cheese All Weather Rodent Bait - 30 Blocks

The Big Cheese supplies this all-weather rodent bait which contains an assortment of poisons and chemicals that work together to effectively rid your home and outbuildings of rats and mice. It has been designed specifically to provide you with an effective way to exterminate unwanted rodents. More Info


The Buzz Fly Catcher - Twin Pack

Put an end to any fly problem with the fly catcher from The Buzz. It works by allowing the fly to climb in but prohibits it from getting back out. More Info


Dust Mite Controller

Dust mites are a major contributor to many allergic disorders such as asthma and eczema. What's more, over exposure can result in you developing new allergic reactions. Thankfully this Dust Mite Controller is the simple and effective solution. More Info


The Big Cheese Ultra Power Rat Traps

Using both The Big Cheese power rat traps at the same time means you have double the chance of catching the unwelcome pest in one attempt. A quick and easy “one touch” set up also ensures that the trap can be primed safely. More Info


Selfset All-Weather Block Bait - 3kg

Selfset have produced this all-weather block bait which can offer you an effective, specially designed way to exterminate rodents. There are a variety of chemicals and poisons contained within the block to efficiently rid you of unwelcome rats and mice. More Info


The Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap

Humanely remove any rats from your home or outside area by catching them in the rat cage trap from The Big Cheese More Info


Zero In High Voltage Insect Killer

The Zero In High Voltage Insect Killer is a great way to get rid of insects in your home, quickly and easily. More Info


Zero In Flea Killer

The Zero In Flea Killer is an innovative gadget that can help get rid of a flea infestation. Its 7 watt lamp mimics a warm-blooded animal, which will attract fleas to it, from carpets, rugs and bedding up to 10 metres away. More Info


The Buzz Doorway Insect Curtain

Help keep your home insect free with this doorway insect curtain from The Buzz. The mesh design means you can keep the bugs out but keep the fresh air coming in. More Info


Good idea, works well so far.

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Will let you know in a couple of weeks if they work or not...

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Very efficient transaction from start to finish.

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Brilliant product delivered speedily.

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Very good service recommend and use again thank you.

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What I ordered is what I got what more can you say.

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All was going well until a Jackdaw landed on Florence the Scarecrow's head!

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