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Simplifying Incredibloom (750g container)

"Plants are like people, they can’t survive on water alone! They need feed too!"

Incredibloom is brand new technology in the marketplace, and is a type of fertiliser that has been used on a commercial basis for many years, but is now available to gardeners for the very first time!

The unique double nitrogen technology consists of a professional grade, polymer coated, controlled release technology, combined with a fast release element to kick start the growth in spring. This fast release element is stabilised with an agent, which will eliminate the leaching of nitrogen and will ensure bright green foliage.

What’s more, trial results have indicated up to 400% more flowers on your plants. And, it only takes just 1 application to feed your plants for the whole season!

How does this compare to other fertilisers?

  1. Slow-release fertilisers release the feed over a constant period, usually limited to around 2-3 months, whatever the weather, and this can sometimes be too slow or too fast. Too fast and the fertilizer can burn your plants, as they aren’t using the feed and it can sit unused in the soil. Too slow and your plants are starved of nutrients, just at the time when they need it.

  2. Fast-release fertilisers are no more than a ‘quick fix’ for your plants, much like an energy drink. Much of the nutrients are wasted and you’ll have to re-apply them every few weeks.

  3. The difference with Incredibloom fertiliser is the unique blend of controlled-release AND fast-release granules, combined with the unique stabilising technology which keeps nitrogen in the soil.

    The feed is only released when the compost is warmer, so more in sync with plant growth. Your plants will then only have the feed when they need it, and it is released over an impressive 6-7 month period, providing season-long nutrition for your plants.

    The added stabiliser helps all essential nitrogen to stay in the soil until the plant needs to use it, and will not leach away like other fertilisers. The formula of Incredibloom is 14:5:19 + Mg + S + Trace elements. This formula provides all the nutrients that are required by your plants.

    The highly soluble phosphorous included in the blend will give fast, stronger root development, and the high potash means plants will go on to have brighter, stronger blooms, on plants which flower for longer.

Only 1 single application is needed!

When you plant up your containers, mix Incredibloom into the compost. Use at a rate of 1 scoop per 2 litres of compost. Mix thoroughly.

What are the results?

Incredibloom test results show that plants will have more vigorous green growth and stems with shorter internodes, meaning more stems and bud points, giving fuller, larger plants, covered in more flowers. You can achieve 400% more flowers in the case of petunias, and up to 200% more with begonias. With bulbs, it will produce a bigger bulb, for an increase in flowering the following year.

How does it work?

Incredibloom features unique double nitrogen technology.

The first fertiliser type is the fast-release technology (purple granules, making up 20% of the mix) and is for kick-starting growth. This granule will gradually break down over the first few weeks, ensuring strong, early root and leaf development. This granule also features unique stabilisation, preventing the leaching of nitrogen, and ensuring that plants take-up more of the feed.

The second type is the controlled-release element (green granules, making up 80% of the mix) and is delivered to the plants over the full 7 months, again in sync with plant growth. The unique patented polymer coating releases nutrients in a controlled way over a full season and slows down in cooler weather, thereby reducing wasted feed.
1 scoop (5ml) = 6g

How far will a 750g tub go?

Enough for either:

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