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Mushroom Windowsill Kit King Oyster

Pleurotus eryngii

Hardy Annual

What is Hardy Annual?

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Enjoy freshly picked, King Oyster mushrooms straight from your windowsill at any time of the year! King Oyster mushrooms are the largest of the Oyster mushrooms and are favoured by chefs for their tender stalks and meaty flavour. This handy Windowsill Mushroom Growing Kit can be started into growth at any time, giving you a tasty crop to add to your favourite dishes in just a week or two! After the first crop you can expect at least another 2 pickings.

Our kits come with everything that you will need, plus full instructions on how to achieve the best crops. Each kit measures 17.5cm (length) x 27.5cm (width) x 8cm (depth). Position them on a lightly shaded windowsill away from direct sunlight, and keep the compost consistently moist. It couldn’t be simpler!

Each kit contains a base tray, colonised substrate, a bag of cover compost and a plastic lid.

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How to grow mushrooms

Height Up to 10cm (4in)
Spread Up to 12cm (5in)

Hardy Annual


dappled shadeshade

Harvest Months Planting Months

1 x 7.5 litre 'King Oyster' mushroom Kit (KC9684)
1 x 3 litre 'King Oyster' mushroom kit (KC1706)

1. Take the bag containing ‘cover compost’ from the base tray and store it in a cool place.

2. Place the base tray with the plastic lid on top at a temperature of 20–25°C for 4 or more days. After this period, the substrate will have turned completely white with fungus (mycelium).

3. Take the bag with ‘cover compost’ and punch ten holes in each side. Put the bag in 0.5 litres of water for 20 minutes. Open the bag and spread the ‘cover compost’ evenly and loosely over the substrate within the tray.

4. Now put the entire tray aside with the lid closed for 5–8 days, at a temperature of 20–25°C. In this period, the mycelium will grow through the layer of cover compost to the surface. Once the cover compost is covered with white mycelium, put the tray in a cooler position of 15–18°C.

5. Make sure that the surface of the cover compost does not dry out. Regularly mist spraying with a plant spray will keep it damp.

6. If a good number of baby mushrooms appear, you can water over the tray with a watering can. The substrate and cover compost should be moist, but not too wet. The mushrooms first appear at the edges, and then later in the centre of the tray.

Harvesting: Take a mushroom between your fingertips and carefully pull it out with a twist of the hand. Do not pull out without twisting and do not harvest undersized mushrooms. Always water regularly to prevent the ‘cover compost’ from drying out.

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