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Nurseryman's Choice Shallots (Autumn)

Hardy Bulb

What is Hardy Bulb?

A selection of our best French shallots

Autumn planting for early harvests

Store for much longer than onions

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Get your shallots in the ground now and they’ll provide an early harvest next summer of sweet, tender bulbs perfect for stews, stir-fries and curries. Mature bulbs can be harvested from July and will store for much longer than onions, keeping for a year or more.  

Nurseryman’s Choice Shallots comprises 400g of shallots chosen at random from the varieties below:

  • Shallot 'Griselle' 
  • Shallot 'Longor'
  • Shallot 'Longor' Organic
  • Shallot 'Jermor'

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Height Up to 35cm (14in)
Spread Up to 15cm (6in)

Hardy Bulb

kitchen garden

full sun

Flowering Months Harvest Months

400g Sets (KF2923)

Plant shallots in rows in any firm, well drained soil in full sun. Prepare the planting area several weeks in advance by incorporating some well rotted garden compost to improve drainage and soil fertility. Avoid planting shallots on freshly manured soil. On particularly wet ground, try growing shallots in raised beds. When growing shallots from sets, plant the bulbs so that the tip of bulb is just protruding through the soil surface. Leave a space of 18cm (7") between each bulb, and 30cm (12") between each row.
Shallots are undemanding and require only occasional watering during particularly dry periods. However, rows should be weeded regularly. Harvest in summer, a week or two after the leaves begin to turn yellow. Choose a dry day to loosen them from the ground with a fork. Leave them in their clumps on the soil surface for a day or two until they have fully dried in the sun. Once dry, remove the top foliage and store them in a well ventilated, dry position. There is no need to break rings of shallots apart until you need to use them. Shallots store exceptionally well and can often be stored in good condition for 6 months or more.

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