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Potato Cleaning Gloves

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Intelligent Barking Dog Alarm

Protect your home, shed, garage or caravan 24 hours a day with this barking dog alarm by Zennox. One of the most effective deterrents for keeping burglars away from your home is a barking dog. More Info


Work Expert 5 in 1 Distance Measurer

If you have ever struggled to measure room dimensions when buying a sofa, fitting flooring, calculating wall sizes for buying wallpaper or paint, then this five-in-one 1 Ultrasonic Distance Measurer from Work Expert is the solution. More Info


Garden Gear Electric Weed Sweeper

Whether you need to clear weeds, moss or dirt, the electric weed sweeper by Garden Gear tackles them all with ease; putting an end to back-breaking stooping and bending. The weed sweeper is designed to remove weeds between slabs, blocks, along path edges and other external surfaces. More Info


Expandable Artificial Evergreen Hedge Trellis

Add colour to your garden with this artificial hedge trellis. Great for hiding unsightly walls and fences, this hedge trellis will add life to your garden or courtyard without the hassle and maintenance of natural plants. More Info

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Garden Gear 3.5m Dome Event Shelter

Host events whilst staying protected from the elements with this dome events shelter by Garden Gear. Perfectly sized to fit garden furniture, such as tables or chairs, as well as a group of people, this dome shelter is great for outdoor events. More Info


Potato Sacks (paper)

These strong paper sacks can hold up to 25kg of potato tubers and are ideal for storing your potatoes after harvesting. The thick paper blocks out light, preventing your potatoes from turning green. More Info
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Garden Gear Automatic Watering System

Keep your plants watered and healthy with this automatic watering system from Garden Gear. Traditional watering can sometimes be wasteful, often the plant overflows or simply can’t make use of the amount of given water More Info


Garden Gear Memory Foam Kneeler

This memory foam kneeler from Garden Gear is perfect for anyone who wants to remove the pain and strain from gardening. It will help to make weeding, tidying up and tending to your flowerbeds easy and comfortable. More Info



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3 x incredicoir packs (KB0838) Save £6.98 By The End Of September 2020

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Spiral Tree Guard

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5 spiral tree guards (KB0139) Save £7.96 Within 14 Days

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10 spiral tree guards (KB0140) Save £19.91 Within 14 Days

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25 spiral tree guards (KB0141) Save £54.76 Within 14 Days

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