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How To Grow Your Van Meuwen Plants Beginning With D

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Flowering time: late winter and early spring
Height: 4ft (1.2m); spread 40in (1m)
Aftercare: Deciduous plant. Grows best in full sun or partial shade, likes rich, humus soil. Add peat at planting. Does not need pruning. Remove damaged/dead wood after flowering.


Flowering time: July to November

Aftercare: Dahlias thrive in most types of well drained soil, preferably in a sunny position. Plant each tuber in a hole 12 inches (30cm) wide and 6 inches (15cm) deep, during April, making sure the risk of frost has passed. Dormant tubers can be started into growth by planting in boxes or pots indoors or in a greenhouse so long as it is frost free. These can be transplanted into the garden in June. Large flowering dahlias (Decorative and Cactus) should be planted 25 inches (60cm) apart. A stake is required to support the plant and this should be placed in the hole prior to planting. A good tip is to place a plant pot on top of the stake, as this will help to keep the insects off the plants. Pompo Dahlias plant 15 inches (38cm) apart. Top Mix and Unwin Dahlias plant 12 inches (30cm) apart. These varieties do not require staking. Faded blooms should be removed as this encourages the formation of other blooms. After flowering when foliage has been cut down by frost, lift the tubers, trim off stems to about 2 inches (5cm) above tuber. Clean off soil, dry and store in frost free place.


Flowering time: June
Height: 6-10ft (180-300cm); spread, 4-6ft (120-180)
Aftercare:Will grow well in any fertile soil, but require an open position with good drainage. Soak the roots for 2-3 hours prior to planting. Spread the roots out carefully and plant firmly. Plant 2-3ft apart. When planting is complete, water well and continue watering for a few days if the weather is dry. Remove old flowering stems to ground level in July to encourage new growth.

DIANTHUS (Devon Pinks, Alphine Pinks)

Flowering time: June to July and September to October
Aftercare: Plant in a sunny position in any well worked soil. Rake general fertiliser into the soil surface just prior to planting. Plant firmly but not too deeply. The varieties we supply sometimes flower up to Christmas in a mild season. After Christmas, remove all bud-bearing stems or they will produce poor blooms in spring and retard summer flowering.


Flowering time: throughout the summer months
Height: 12-18in (30-45cm); spread 18in (45cm)
Aftercare: Makes an attractive bedding or container plant for temperate regions. Overwinter cuttings. Likes sun or part shade and well-drained soil.

DICENTRA SPECTABILIS (Bleeding Heart, Lyre Flower)

Flowering time: May and June
Height: 18-24in (45-60cm)
Aftercare: Will grow in light shade or full sun, provided the soil does not dry out to the roots.


Height: will remain unchanged but become bushier
Aftercare: Most suitable for patio or rock gardens. Likes plenty of water and part sun and shade.

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