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How To Grow Your Van Meuwen Plants Beginning With H

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Aftercare: Fill basket with good quality potting compost, arrange plants in suitable position in basket and then plant. After watering well, do not water for 3 days. During growing season keep compost watered regularly - do not allow to dry out. Give feed of liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks.

HAZEL CORKSCREW (Corylus Contorta)

Aftercare: Fully hardy, grows in sun or partially shaded well-drained soil. Remove suckers as they arrive.


Aftercare: Unpack immediately upon arrival and plant (weather permitting). Set deeply so that the whole of the stem is buried and the foliage rests on the soil. Plant 12 inches (30cm) apart. Watering is essential on all soils during dry spells in the first year and after planting. To ensure bushy growth in ensuing years trim back after flowering.


Aftercare: Will thrive in moist, well-drained garden soils, including chalk, and in full sun. Plant firmly and water regularly until established. Excellent ground cover plants. Spread up to 3ft (90cm).

HELLEBORUS (Christmas Rose)

Flowering time: December to March
Height: 10in (25cm)
Aftercare: Plant 18 inches (45cm) apart in sun or partial shade in deep, well-drained but moist soil. Once planted, Helleborus should not be disturbed.


Flowering time: late spring to late summer
Height: 16-18in (40-45cm)
Aftercare: Grows in reasonable garden soil in a sunny or partially shaded position. Requires thorough watering in dry spells. Clumps may be divided when they become over-crowded in spring or autumn.


Height: 2ft (60cm); spread 1ft (30cm)
Aftercare: Fully hardy to half hardy. Grow in fertile, moist but well-drained soil in partial shade. The woody rootstock tends to push upwards so mulch annually. Lift and replant in summer.


Flowering time: July to October
Height: 6-8ft (180-240cm)
Aftercare: One of the best late flowering shrubs. It needs full sun and a well-drained soil. Under these conditions it provides an abundance of large saucer shape flowers.


Flowers: June to July
Height: 15ft (450cm)
Aftercare: Plant at any time of the year, with their heads in the sun and the roots in the shade. Plant firmly in any ordinary well-drained soil. Mulch annually with leaf-mould, peat or well rotted compost. To prune, thin out old wood occasionally, immediately after flowering.


Flowering time: late summer
Height: 24in (60cm)
Aftercare: Plant 18 inches (45cm) apart in sun or partial shade but remember that variegated varieties retain their colour better when planted in partial shade. Any well-drained soil is suitable, but they prefer soil enriched with rotted compost, leaf-mould or peat. Excellent for ground cover and waterside planting. Leave undisturbed for years.


Flowering time: summer
Height: 10in (25cm)
Aftercare: Plant in moist soil in sunny position or dappled shade. Remove from pots and plant to depth of pot only.


Flowering time: July to September

Height: and spread 4-6ft (120-180cm)
Aftercare: Thrives in sun or partial shade. Plant in good loamy soil that is moisture-retentive. Add plenty of peat. Plant 4ft (120cm) apart, just covering the soil ball. An annual mulch of well decayed manure or peat enriched with a little bone meal is beneficial to all Hydrangeas.

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