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How To Grow Your Van Meuwen Plants Beginning With I

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ILEX (Holly)

Flowering time: spring to early summer
Aftercare: Suitable for well-drained garden soil, and will grow in sun or shade. Water well until established and protect young plants with hessian or net screens.

IPOMEA (Morning Glory)

Aftercare: Under glass, grow in loam-based potting compost (John Innes No. 2 or 3) in full light, with shade from the hottest sun. Outdoors, grow in moderately fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Shelter from cold, drying winds. Needs frost protection.

IRIS (Dutch)

Flowering time: mid summer
Height: 16-20in (40-50cm)
Aftercare: Plant 4 inches (10cm) apart and 3 inches (8cm) deep in any good garden soil. They will thrive in sun or partial shade. Lift every 2 or 3 years and replant in a similar position.


Aftercare: Ideal for planting in hanging baskets, or tubs to mix with other bedding plants. Ensure a good quality compost is used. Position Ivy around edge so they can trail over edge of basket. Make sure they are well watered and not allowed to dry out.


Flowering time: June to July
Height: 18in (45cm)
Aftercare: Plant the corms in a sunny position in ordinary well-drained soil, 3 inches (8cm) deep in groups. Protect from frost during winter by covering with mulch or bracken.

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