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How To Grow Your Van Meuwen Plants Beginning With E

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Flowering time: late summer
Height: 20-48in (50-120cm); spread 2ft (60cm)
Aftercare: Best grown in poor, well-drained soil in full sun but will grow in almost any soil in full sun or partial shade. Deadhead to prevent self-seeding.


Flowering time: late summer to autumn
Height: 60in (150cm)
Aftercare: Frost hardy to frost tender. Grow in any well-drained fertile soil in full sun.


Flowering time: late spring to early summer
Aftercare: Fully hardy. Grows in humus rich, moist but well-drained acid to neutral soil in full sun or partial shade.


Height: will remain unchanged as grafted
Aftercare: Needs full sunshine and a well-drained soil which must be kept moist until the plant is established. Young plants should be securely staked to prevent wind rocking. Eucalyptus foliage is ideal for adding to flower arrangements.

EUCOMIS (Pineapple Flower)

Flowering time: late summer to early autumn
Height: 24-28in (60-70cm)
Aftercare: Fully hardy, border line to frost tender. Plant bulbs 6 inches (15cm) deep and grow in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Mulch in severe winters.


Flowering time: late spring or summer
Height: 2ft (60cm); spread,2ft (60cm)
Aftercare: Grow in any well-drained soil in full sun or light shade. If grown in full sun they need more moist soil. Cut back hard in early April. Shelter evergreens from cold drying winds.

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