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How To Grow Your Van Meuwen Plants Beginning With M



Flowering time: mid spring
Height: 13ft (4m); spread 10ft (3m)
Aftercare: Grow in humus rich, acid to neutral soil in full sun or partial shade. Shelter from strong winds.


Flowering time: May to October
Height: 18in (45cm); spread 18in (45cm)
Aftercare: Plant in a large tub or pot using a good quality potting compost. Keep well watered, and give feed of liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks. Can also be grown in the border in a well manured soil. Space 18 inches (45cm) apart in a sunny position.


Aftercare: Plant in a tub or pot at least 1ft (30cm) deep using good quality potting compost such as John Innes No.2. Water well during growing season and give a fortnightly feed of liquid fertiliser. Needs a sunny, sheltered position. Fruit should be picked when soft.


Flowering time: summer
Height: 2ft (60cm); spread 2ft (60cm)
Aftercare: Needs a sunny site with well-drained soil.


Flowering time: June to July
Height: 8-9ft (240-270); spread, 6-8ft (180-240)
Aftercare: Will grow well in any fertile soil, but require an open position with good drainage. Soak the roots for 2-3 hours prior to planting. Spread the roots out carefully and plant firmly, 3-4ft (90-120) apart. When planting is complete, water well and continue watering for a few days if the weather is dry. Thin out old wood after flowering.

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